2016 Rental Bike Sale

12 August 2015

Our 2016 rental bikes are now available for pre-sale!

We are now pre-selling our 2016 Kona rental bikes. Here's how it works:

A small down payment will secure your bike at our lowest price, and you will be able to assume possession of your bike sometime between 9/15 and 10/15. In the mean time, feel free to come and grab a bike anytime you want to ride* and we will apply the full rental rate towards your final pay off amount. Buy the bike out-right for a few dollars more and assume immediate possession...you decide! All bikes will receive a free "Race Day" tune which includes all new cables and housing before delivery.

*(subject to availability)

2016 Rental Bike Pricing:

Kona Process 134 S, L

Retail - $2,999.95
Demo Price - $1750.00